We are an entrepreneurial minded, institutional-trained, team of real estate professionals.

We built our portfolio from $15k of equity in a single family house to ~$50MM of asset value across 11 properties.

We continue to find opportunities to buy assets at a discount to their intrinsic value, improve their cash flow, and finance them appropriately.

Both our portfolio and team have grown steadily with each purchase and we will continue adding as we find assets and talent that fit our model.

  • We are institutionally trained professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset and an eagerness to roll-up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.
  • Our entire team is invested in the deals (including the foreman, analyst, advisory board, etc.); we have the same focus on capital preservation as the LPs.
  • We built a vertically integrated team that optimizes the entire value chain, including research, acquisitions, construction, operations, and monetization.
  • We target assets valued less than $20MM, and avoid auctions, so as not to compete with institutional investors.
  • We are obsessively data-driven and patient in an industry better known for predictably irrational behavior and deal-driven, “this time is different,” mania.
  • We think about risk adjusted returns and how to optimize the risk/reward profile of our properties; we talk about reducing volatility as much as increasing return.
  • Our track-record is “technology-enabled” and we use the latest digital tools to measure, monitor, and maximize our operational productivity and return on equity.
  • We deliver measureable social impact through environmental initiatives and community building, which requires navigating byzantine gov’t bureaucracies.



Andy Ayala
President of Eastern Acquisitions
Rodney Baptiste
Rick Emery
Hotels GM
Edward Gormbley
Managing Partner
Glenn Perschino
Site Leader
Robbie Perschino
Acquisitions Associate
Ed Purcell
Hotel Operations
Ariel Rodriguez
Acquisitions Associate
Michael Scherer
President of Western Acquisitions
David Welchman III
Acquisitions Associate
Dan Adkinson
Head of Commercial Real Estate
Newstar Financial
David Baxt
Chief Executive Officer
Primus Health & Wellness
Bob Eydt
Clayton Fowler
Chief Executive Officer
Spinnaker Real Estate Partners
Andy Frank
Andy Frank Builders
Tom Garvey
Managing Director
United Capital Financial Partners
We are not currently hiring.